When Sara and I first met we had an immediate connection based on our similar trajectories in both Italy & England. Sara is a California native, fluent Italian speaker, and private consulting chef offering classes and lessons to beginners and professionals alike. Stay tuned for recipes & events and if you're interested in private classes or catering you can contact her at sara@saraseasonal.com 

In her own words...

"Growing up in early 90’s Los Angeles, dinner came in a box. Shake n’ Bake, Rice-a-Roni, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, the list goes on. Food came from the grocery store or some far away place, and home cooking was limited. It wasn’t until later in life that I discovered the beautiful world of food and cooking. I was lucky enough to spend some time living and working in Italy, where my eyes were opened to how amazing making and sharing a meal can be. I happened to attend a bread making course in the countryside, spending the day chatting with local women who came together once a week to make sourdough bread in a wood fired oven for their families and community. We had some extra time while the loaves rose, and ended up making jam from the abundant apricot tree on the front of the property. Seeing how such staple food items were so easily made, from ingredients that grew right outside was a revelation to me. And how wonderful was that first slice of warm bread with our fresh jam!

After my food revelation in Italy I set to learning as much as I could about how to make everything. Learning from all the different grandmas, friends, men and women I encountered as well as diving in on my own. Obviously Italian food was my first inspiration, but a move to England gave me a chance to meet and learn from many different people and cultures. Japanese, Swedish, Israeli, Indian and German to name a few. Somehow I ended up lucky enough to work as head chef for Emerson College, a living and learning community based on the teachings of philosopher Rudolf Steiner. There was a biodynamic farm next door where we got fresh vegetables, dairy, eggs and meat delivered. Such a difference the freshness makes! I enjoyed every minute of creating healthy meals to feed large groups of people. This is also when I discovered the joy one receives by making something with love and then giving it away. I found that after making and presenting a meal to eager and grateful guests, I was so satisfied. Filled up, but with something other than food: joy. It was this joy that made me love cooking so much, and that continues to inspire me today. 

Now here I am, as inspired as ever by cooking and feeding people. I am so lucky to have met and teamed up with Felicia.  We share a passion for good food, and I am so excited to be learning and producing Portuguese delicacies from her family’s old recipe books."