Mieli Thun -Nomadic Bee Keeping

While studying at The University of Gastronomic Sciences (aka the SlowFood School),  I experienced a truly unique classroom environment where our professors came from all over the world and taught short segments on their area of expertise. One of our visiting professors was a man named Andrea Paternoster, who is a nomadic beekeeper in Northern Italy. His class is a favorite among students partly because of his incredible knowledge, passion, and experience and of course partly because the class includes a tasting. 

Paternoster moves the hives on the hunt for a variety of seasonal blooms at their peak. In doing so, he has crafted some of the most exceptional single variety honey I've tasted. 

I had the opportunity to catch up with him on a recent reunion in Italy. I was telling him about my great hope to make Virgil's Market a reality when I realized what an honor it would be to share his honey and his story. There is a honey for every occasion and every time of day! His aim is to make honey more than just a tea sweetner and more of an integral part of every meal. 

Each variety has suggested use & pairing. Enjoy! 

Photos courtesy of Mieli Thun. 

Felicia Coito