Salt & Wonder

This. In one "Bookazine" Anna & Thomas encapsulate why I wanted to start Virgil's Market. They show why I fell in love with Lisbon.

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"Salt & Wonder is portraying new movements of culinary startup culture, one city at a time. Their first annual print issue is dedicated to Lisbon, its impassioned entrepreneurs and their innovative visions. ...Salt & Wonder is going beyond the surface of startup culture in cities of change, tracing their roots to understand new directions"

My mission with this market is to promote Portugal, because though she be but little, she is Fierce! Portugal may be a small country, often flown over in the search of it's neighboring Spain but there is classic innovation reintroducing itself in modern ways...and how beautiful it is to be discovered not only by people like me that have Portuguese roots but by the unparalleled talent of Thomas & Anna.  And that's Lisbon in a nutshell! The capital city that retains so much tradition and history that still makes people from all walks of life feel at home on its cobbled streets and narrow hills.

The launch party of their publication was hosted at A Sociedade, a creative gastronomic space in Lisbon, and one of the featured places in the first print.  A Sociedade is owned and operated by the mother of a dear friend of mind and I'm so glad that the space is part of Salt & Wonder. but I digress.

A little about the creatives. 

Anna from the Austrian countryside. (side note: suggestion box Anna, maybe feature Austria as your next country because it's absolute magic)

 – "The Creative Force" –

"Anna Sarcletti — It all started as an artistic, student project  beginning of the 2016. Living in magical Lisbon spawned the idea to give it an own voice.  In launching a print magazine, I saw an opportunity to showcase my design beliefs in an authentic, remaining piece. Together with creatives from USA, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Brazil and South Africa, the mission became to show a unique perspective of The New Old Lisbon."

Anna was able to finish the project while working full time as a designer in Vienna and says "When it comes to motivation and inspiration, there are two important points: First passion projects are not to be seen as a “task”, but rather as a way of living." Read the rest of her interview here. 


 – "The Editorial Voice" –

"Anna met Thomas Austin Rose  at their Art History class in Lisbon, he was always running around with an analogue camera and skateboard. Anna shared her ideas  over coffee at the LX Factory, (sidenote: another must visit if you find yourself in Lisbon) he has become the driven, second half of the mag. Now studying back in Vermont, he is defining the editiorial side of Salt & Wonder."

I love that they were able to feel at home in Lisbon because I know the feeling of when a foreign place becomes home along the way. It's how I curate the products for the shop, most of them are Portuguese but the ones that are not come from places that will always hold a special place in my heart or tell part of my story. 

Anna & Thomas, I'm so honored to share your story & I can't wait to see where Salt & Wonder goes next. 

We Present: The New, Old Lisbon: Have a Taste

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