Glou Glou Magazine

A little about the birth of Glou Glou Magazine, straight from the source from Founder Jennifer Green:

"For the past two years, I've been working in LA's natural wine scene slinging bottles to restaurants, bars and wine shops. My real passion lay in translating the story directly to the consumer, so I spent a lot of this time traveling up and down the coast interviewing winemaker for Glou Glou — a word-of-mouth guide to wine that has *finally* come to fruition! 

Glou glou (French for glug glug) was born of the desire to reveal the humans behind the bottle. With today's cultural zeitgeist as a backdrop, we explore the central question of: wtf is natural wine?? Our inspiration, as twisted as it may sound, was to create a children's book of wine. But rather than get toddlers drunk, we wanted to create something approachable — not precious, fussy or narcissistic as so much wine media can be. In this word-of-mouth guide we take the backseat, like guests on Westworld, letting three California winemakers (Amplify Wines, Broc Cellars, La Clarine Farm) guide us across the dangerous and exciting frontier of the electrifying juice people call "natural wine." We wrap the first issue with Egon from Now-Again Records, a prolific wine and music collector who tours the world as Madlib's manager, exploring their mutual obsession with wine, and the reasons why hip-hop and wine intersect." 

We are proud to collaborate with this fantastic new publication. Click here to get your copy of issue #1 We've also got their tote, perfect for lugging around your wine bottles and other precious cargo.