The idea for Virgil's slowly culminated from various adventures, extraordinary people, and unique experiences. I'm very grateful to the following people who took all of these ideas and fine tuned them to finally make this dream a reality. 

The Sobrals my fantastic, creative, second family...for sparking an entrepreneurial spirit in me and being so supportive of the idea. You are the main reason Lisbon feels like home. 

Alicia for taking my grandfather's signature and turning it into a logo

Sara For your support & motivation to see this through  

Ryan & Kyle for your creative genius and bringing the market to life

The Sustainable winemakers & farmers out there For doing the work you do

Kenzie & the team Thank you for taking my (very) small business seriously, listening to everything I wanted, and then making it better

To the best family & friends a girl could ask for. For supporting my moves around the world and always being there on the return. I love you endlessly. Especially you, mom.