Virgil's Market Wine Club

We are proud to present Virgil's Market Wine Club, a quarterly subscription-based club. 

The Virgil’s Market Wine Club aims to introduce you to unique wines and the farmers and winemakers behind them. At Virgil’s Market we believe that wine links us to a place and tells the story of its origin better than any other product can. The idea was sparked when the founder, Felicia Coito, attended the Wine Business program at Sonoma State University. After moving to Portugal and working in the wine industry there, Felicia's idea expanded into a way of maintaining a connection to the two places that felt like home to her. After briefly taking a detour from the wine industry to manage One Gun Ranch, a biodynamic farm in Malibu, she wanted to showcase winemakers that truly embody the aspect of farmer and practiced responsible growing methods. The result: a culmination of some the best producers and wines Felicia met along the way, packed up and delivered straight to you!

Like the marketplace, there is a focus in Portuguese production with featured bottles from other places we love! Every quarter, members will receive three bottles of wine hand-selected from the finest vineyards.

Wine Club members will have the opportunity to purchase more wines from Virgil's Market if desired. We love wines and winemakers that respect the environment, their staff, and in doing so... you! 



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